“Real” is what you find in our cheesecakes.
The Old Testament in the Bible mentions that Semites drank milk and ate cheese together.
Baking pans thought to be used for baking cheesecake in 3000 B.C. were excavated from Ancient Mesopotamia.
Johann is the only store in Japan serving traditional cheesecake.


Real cheese flavor and a hint of sweetness   490 Yen / piece (Incl Tax)


Mild sweetness and traditional rich flavor   490 Yen / piece (Incl Tax)


Light cheese flavor with blueberry   490 Yen / piece (Incl Tax)

Sour Soft

Sour cream gives refreshing and tart flavor   500 Yen / piece (Incl Tax)

Natural, Mellow, Blueberry

5,860 Yen / whole cake (Incl Tax)

Sour Soft

5,980 Yen / whole cake (Incl Tax)

Natural, Blueberry*

3,430 Yen / rectangular cake (Incl Tax)

Sour Soft

3,500 Yen / rectangular cake (Incl Tax)

*Blueberry is made to order. Please allow 2 days for your order.


We only use the best and fresh ingredients.

We do not use any colors and preservatives.

We have used the same exact ingredients and approach to baking our cheesecakes since 1978.